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Configuration & Visualizations

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Akamai provided one of the best feature sets for configuring your website - but with the power of the features comes complexity. Smaller CDN's were gaining popularity due to their easy to configure sites, and so Akamai needed to provide a user-friendly solution to stay viable.

Configuration View

The configuration view is where you start. We went through several iterations before coming up with the final view. First we consider two separate views - one for more complex configurations and a simpler one for smaller sites. After several rounds and input from all involved, we collapsed the two views to one view with added guidance for less technical users.

Activation Guidance

The Activation Guidance module leads users through the process step by step.

Property Overview

The Property Overview allows users to view the status of their property in real time.

Visualizing Features

We created a graphical visualization of how each feature worked. These are the drawings I created to document my understanding of how it works.

Visual Design for Features

The visual design for the features was heavily debated, since it was a time of transition in visual trends - flat ui had just started to become popular. We decided on mostly flat, with illustrated dimensionality and a perspective stage.

List View of Features

A customer's property's features can also be visualized in a list view.

Complex Menu Design

The menu for some customers can be very complex - so we spent a few rounds working on the UI to navigate an account with many properties.

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