iPad Application for Breast Cancer

3D Tumor Model

Genentech wanted to provide an app which would allow healthcare professionals to learn about breast cancer diagnoses through exploration. Viscira's 3D modelling team provided the beautiful model.

Cross-Sectional View

The cross-sectional view allows the user to slice the tumor in different places.

Scanned Tumor Images

After selecting a cross-section, the user can review the image for evidence of a tumor.

Biopsy View

Alternatively, the user can choose the biopsy tool to take a biopsy sample.

HER2 Scoring & Reporting

The Herceptin app also provided hints and tips for filling out IHC and FISH assays.

Sample IHC Report

The sample IHC report contains helpful hints throughout.

IHC Report Considerations

The Considerations panel tracks which tips have been reviewed.

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