Democratic National Committee Conference 2008

Streaming Live Video and Video on Demand Gallery

DNCC HD Live Streaming

While at Vertigo, I designed a live streaming video application for the DNCC in 2008 (the election of Barack Obama). We didn't have much information about what to do for branding - so I created a mockup with blue silhouetted mountains (it was in Denver, CO). After we presented the design, the DNCC team asked if I minded if they use my design to go ahead and brand the rest of the conference.

VOD Gallery

We created a gallery to replay the individual speeches after they had occurred. We all sat backstage and made the video clips and entered them into the site through XML sheets during the conference. The internet kept failing on us - so Microsoft moved us into Hillary Clinton's boardroom for stable internet.

Interactive Schedule

The schedule page linked to the VOD's, so you could optionally navigate to your content from the schedule.

Sea of Blue Mountains & Stars

When we showed up for the conference I was amazed to see the blue silhouetted mountains everywhere - on banners, on screens and on videos.

More Video Players to Follow

After the DNC conference, we adjusted the design for the 44th Presidential Inauguration (for CBS). Later, March Madness, Sunday Night Football and Winter Olympics were just a few of the Video Player contracts Vertigo received. At present, Vertigo is no longer in existence and has become Major League Baseball's software team.

Video Gallery for Inauguration

For CBS, the panel on the left can show the twitter feed or the gallery. Since this event was much smaller than the DNCC, we only needed a small gallery.

Waiting Screen

The waiting screen for the event is quite important - users log in in advance and we needed to have a display while we wait for the cameras to role. (In the link above, look for the DNC Concepts video.)

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