Monitise Mobile Banking

Smartclient and Tablet Apps

Bank of Trust Smartclient

Monitise provides mobile banking solutions for banks. The "Bank of Trust" brand was created to build and demonstrate the platform. After purchase by a bank, apps built on the standard platform are rebranded and reskinned with any requested customizations.

Webster Smartclient

Webster partnered with Monitise to create the smartclient design. While most of the design work was done at Monitise, we met with Webster to get their early feedback and adjust the design.

Accounts Carousel

By popular request the accounts are displayed in a carousel. This feature was specifically asked for by our clients, and tested well with customers.

Secure Sign In

When you design mobile banking apps, having a few options for secure sign in is mandatory. We spent a lot of time researching and discussing which methods to provide.

Locations, Gifts & Special Features

We also asked clients what extra features they want - besides the standard locations, transfers and deposits. Gift Cards was a popular request - so we developed a gift card and mobile wallet feature.

Reskinning, Rebranding and Customizations

We had a lot of customers ordering the smartclient, so we reorganized the css for rebranding efficiency.

Tablet Banking

The tablet app followed some of the same design models for consistency. We found a little room for added data visualizations.

Innovative Banking Concepts

Banks are feeling pressure from competing new digital transaction technologies. We did some concepting and idea generation on how to keep customers interested in their traditional bank accounts.

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